Sunday, August 17, 2008


We leave in a situation where we often pass down some of our values (from our parents) to our next generation. Without noticing, we may be using the way our parents treat us as a child, our siblings and others around us. No! We need to stop. We need to 'erase the Multi-generation wound' (words from Georgianna, founder and director of The Urbane Academy). Right from our great grandparents to our grandparents to our parents, maybe, could be, there are some negative parenting happens because they didn't know any better. Do we still want to pass down all these to our next generation? What is the legacy you leave for your children? What are the values you want them to held on? What type of people you want them to be? Changes start from ourselves.
Sure all of us want to make it to be better. Ask yourself, have you make that change? Did you take your first step? Yes, I had done it but failed because of.....bla bla bla. Blame is the most horrible and irresponsible excuses. This attitude will only drag us down. No matter where, business, marriage or relationship, blaming is ridiculous. We need to be responsible for every act of our life. Stop taking things personally. Instead, be respectful and sensitive to others.
Easier said than done. Be sure and without a doubt, when practised by all, this will make a better working and living environment.


kskor said...

I think in our society people have not caught up to parenting psychology, which can reveal astounding revelations and deep insight for how we were conditioned right from the start, and how we then condition ourselves and our younger generation.

Many scientific studies revealed shocking and interesting results about parenting styles, upbringing and our character today. But while we are shaped by our parents, we can't blame we cannot reshape our own-selves.

"Human Development" is the psychology to understand human cognitive, behavioural and emotional conditioning from the womb to the tomb, and "Parenting Psychology" is the subject to read to rediscover what had happened during childhood. When I read them, I rediscovered myself and along the way I un-tied some knots. Reading more about parenting psychology is definitely one of the life journey you will never regret. You might regret if you did not investigate.

Titan said...

wah... it is a long story!