Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival

Today (15 Aug, Chinese Calendar) is chinese 5th tradition festival in a year. Someone call this day as Mooncake festival, Moon festival, Chang Er Pheng Yue festival. No matter what name is it, the important is we had a reunion treat together. This year quite special because got one babe(newly joined family member) and a special person dinner together.

This is the symbolic food which must eat during this festival. I like to eat the ling kok (the black color one, looks like deer horn). If you don't have strong teeth, you may need to get help from Mr. Hammer to take out the shell. The other 2 are pamelo and baby yam. They are my favourite.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bali trip ep1

My first time step on Bali's land on 15 June 2008. A nice trip but quite rush and missed out a lot of must go places not visited. I like this photo very much. Can u guess is it sunrise or sunset? I like sea very much but at the same time also very scared of it.

Early morning 5:30am woke up and went for dolphin tour. More than 10 boats go together. Now you see now u don't. They (dolphins) playing hide and seek with us. What an exciting experience!!!

Warm sunlight, calm sea, soft wind. A nice sounds of music without any instruments.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Farewell lunch

Today had a farewell lunch in a Korean restaurant. It just behind the Ampang Gleneagle Hosp. Wow..... very spacious and nice decorated. But not romantic (because too bright hahaha.....) What makes me surprise is it provide entertainment session. Three pretty korean ladies sing songs and dancing, wearing their tradition costume.

They really very beautiful. My eyes stare at her face hard to move away. If I am guy..... sure..... :) oops...... forgot about the food, the food ok la.... because I just took the veg rice only. But my colleagues looks like very satisfied with the food, all the plate eat until so clean so shine like moon :p We have a enjoyable and memorable time there. Go, you won't regret.